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Pakistani Autumn Fantasy: A Painting Competition

Nation Wide Competition
All Members From Pakistan
Painting Competition
Start Date:06-10-2023 End Date: 26-11-2023 Results: 05-12-2023
Entry Format: Image
Status: Closed
Entry Fee: 1 - Entry Credits
About Organizer:
ZSQuest is a creative platform developed by ZS Ventures, a forward-thinking organization committed to fostering digitalization, environmental sustainability, and individual empowerment. As we immerse ourselves in the digital age, we recognize the power of art to bridge the gap between technology and nature. Our mission is to provide a space where artists, creators, and visionaries can channel their passions and talents towards positive change.

By participating in our competitions, you contribute to our broader vision of promoting a sustainable, interconnected world. Join us as we harness the potential of digital platforms to showcase the beauty of our planet, inspire creativity, and encourage environmental consciousness.

Embrace the challenge and let your artwork be a testament to the exquisite landscapes that surround us. Unveil the soul of your city through your artistic lens and help us create a gallery of inspiration that echoes the harmony between humans and nature.

Submit Your Entry and be a part of the movement towards a greener and more imaginative world.

Competition Details:
Embark on a creative journey into the enchanting world of Pakistani autumn with our "Pakistani Autumn Fantasy: A Painting Competition." This is your opportunity to capture the unique and vibrant beauty of this captivating season on your canvas. Whether you choose to depict the resplendent colors of falling leaves, the tranquil landscapes of urban parks, or iconic landmarks bathed in the warm hues of autumn, we invite you to showcase your artistic expression and bring the essence of this season to life. Join us in celebrating the magic of Pakistani autumn and let your artistic talents shine in this exciting competition.

Competition Rules:
When you submit your entry for the "Pakistani Autumn Fantasy: A Painting Competition," please adhere to the following rules:

1. Participants must create an original painting that embodies the enchanting spirit of Pakistani autumn.
2. Artwork can be created using a variety of mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, pencils, or digital tools.
3. Your submission should be accompanied by a brief description of the artwork, emphasizing how it captures the essence of Pakistani autumn and why this season holds significance for you.
4. All participants must align their submissions with the theme of "Pakistani Autumn Fantasy" and refrain from submitting explicit or offensive content.
5. Submissions should be high-resolution images, allowing judges to fully appreciate the details and emotions conveyed in your artwork.
6. Participants are welcome to submit multiple entries, each showcasing a different aspect of the enchanting Pakistani autumn season.

These rules ensure that the competition revolves around the new theme, allowing participants to creatively express the magic of Pakistani autumn through their artistic interpretations.

Assessment Factors
Creativity and Originality
Artistic Technique
Emotional Impact
Connection to Theme

Entries for the "Pakistani Autumn Fantasy: A Painting Competition" will be meticulously assessed based on the following criteria to determine the winners:

1. Creativity and Originality: Judges will evaluate the artwork's uniqueness and originality in interpreting the enchanting essence of Pakistani autumn. Innovative and imaginative approaches to capturing the spirit of this season will be highly valued.
2. Artistic Technique: Technical skill, precision, and mastery of the chosen medium will play a crucial role in the evaluation process. Judges will assess the use of colors, textures, and detailing to bring the autumn scenes to life in a compelling manner.
3. Emotional Impact: The artwork's ability to evoke emotions, convey the magical ambiance of Pakistani autumn, and connect with the viewer on a profound level will be considered. Submissions that effectively communicate the beauty and charm of the season will receive higher scores.
4. Connection to Theme: The extent to which the artwork aligns with the theme of "Pakistani Autumn Fantasy" will be assessed. Submissions that effectively convey the spirit and vibrancy of the Pakistani autumn season will score well in this category.
5. Description: The accompanying description of the artwork's connection to Pakistani autumn and its significance will be taken into consideration. Clear and thoughtful descriptions that enhance the viewer's understanding and appreciation of the artwork will be rewarded.

By using these evaluation criteria, the judges will ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment that recognizes both artistic excellence and the ability to capture the magic of Pakistani autumn. The cumulative scores will determine the winners who best convey the essence of this season through their exceptional artistic talents.

Award & Prizes:
1st Prize: 5,000 PKR + Medal
2nd Prize: 3,000 PKR + Medal
3rd Prize: 2,000 PKR + Medal

Digital Certificates will be provided to all the Participants.

Rimsha Rafique

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